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The pulp extractor has wide scope of utilization in the food industry for extracting pulp from fruits for jam and jellies. The new inclined perforated drum design with option for tray/hopper based outlet and inlet integrates a new design of rotatory part that provides you better quality product with reduced power requirement. The new design of the rotatory part with inclined perforated drum result in decrement of motor load and production time.

Main Features Optional
Complete stainless steel design
SS316L contact parts & SS304 Non-contact parts.
Inclined cylindrical perforated drum
Rotatory shaft with specially designed scrubbing tool
Replaceable scrubbing head
Totally enclosed collector with flanged outlet at the base.
Variety of scrubbing head based on product
Completely detachable parts
Easy Cleaning
Ease of maintenance
Hygienic design.
PLC and HMI based touch panel controls
Wire Brushes, Fibre Brushes
Type PE 50 PE 100 PE 200
Hopper/Funnel Size (kg) 50 100 200
Output Capacity (kg/hr) 500 1000 2000
Motors (HP) 5 7.5 10