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The high shear batch mixer can be permanently mounted to the mix tank or suspended over the vessel by adjusting its height using Hydraulic lifting mechanism. With its portable design the high shear batch mixer can be used in different vessels in different parts of manufacturing plant. The level of disintegration can be controlled using various interchangeable work-head.

The high-speed rotation of rotator blades in work-head wields a powerful suction of material below it, towards the centre of work head. The high centrifugal force of rotator blades then forces the material through series of slots causing the mechanical shear and shear of material particles with each other. The material is expelled radially and again sucked axially creates a vortex

Main Features Optional
Vortex Mixing.
Replaceable/ Changeable work heads as per product requirement.
Special tools for reduced mixing time.
High speed particle reduction.
Ease of maintenance.
SS316L contact parts & SS304 Non-contact parts.
Tools for different products.
Lifting mechanism.
Flame proof motor.
Type HSM 200 HSM 500 HSM 1000 HSM 1500 HSM 2000
Batch Capacity (kg/batch) 200 500 1000 1500 2000
Motor* (HP) 5 7.5/10 12.5/15 15/20 20/25
Tool Cutting Option Round Round Round Round Round
Square Square Square Square Square
Slotted Slotted Slotted Slotted Slotted