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The high shear mixer homogenizer direct feed and discharge mechanism will reduce the production time by providing continuous feed of high quality product for further processes.

The mixer compromises of a rotor moving at high speed in a stationary part. The blades on the rotor create a centrifugal force that cuts the material as it passes through slots on the stator. The multistage rotor and cutting head provides intense cutting action with over 3 million individual cutting action in a second. The intense shear generated is enough to prepare all sorts of sauces and paste.

The inline mixing and homogenizing unit is a complex but efficient compared to other process methodologies providing quality particle reduction while keeping up continuous supply of material, thanks to the four stage homogenising tool. The four stage tool consists of four concentric rows of cutting head (stator), and four consecutive impeller section (rotor). As the rotating blades pass each opening in the stator, they mechanically cut particles and material, material is expelled at high velocity into the surrounding mix, creating shear. As fast as material is expelled, more is drawn into the rotor/stator, which promotes continuous flow and fast mixing. The complete Mixer works as a self-pumping machine based on the centrifugal force created.

The material passes from each tool in a sequence that have reducing slot sizes to ensure that the right homogenization is achieved as per the requirement as it exits the main work head.

Main Features Optional
Direct feed entry from centre.
High rotation creates a self-pumping action.
Fine particle size reduction.
Replaceable/ Changeable work heads.
Ease of maintenance.
Better torque to power ratio.
Keeps material free from excess air.
No mass lump formation.
Best for liquid-solid emulsification.
Homogenous viscosity.
90% reduction in process time.
SS316L contact parts & SS304 non-contact parts.
Motor speed and torque control via VFD.
Specific product requirement of temperature can be maintained by providing double jacket cooling system.
Multi pass tool.
Hopper feed can be provided.
Tool design as per specific requirement.
2 Stage/3 stage/4stage operations available as per product requirement.
Type HSH 1000 HSH 2500 HSH 500
Capacity kg/hr 1000 2500 2500
Power HP 10* 20* 40*