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We provide you Complete processing for peanut butter plant. We supply all equipment required based on your processing requirement with Installation/setup of the same at your site. Precise and space specific process line can be fully automated to semi automatic based on your requirement. Our services are provided with precision. We meet global quality standards which are best suited to your requirement.

Main Features Optional
Gas fired roaster with a charge hopper
Vtbrattng blancher with suction arrangement
5 to 3 hP motor to remove skin and hearts from fully roasted peanut
Granulator with 75 adjustable blades
Granulator with vibrating sleeves
All SS ribbon blender
High shear inline mixer
Scrap surface heat exchanger with inline metal detector
Pneumatic pressure jar filling
Weighting machine with printing packaging
All Contact part SS316 & Non-contact part SS304
Completely automated
Control with HMI touch screen interface SCADA Interface for
Complete plant operation
Type Capacity Power Material
Elevator Feeding surge hopper Based on operation 1 Hp SS304
Surge Hopper 2.5T NA SS304
Horizontal Conveyor Washable 3mm belt Based on operation 1.5 Hp SS304
Roaster 300Kg. 0.SHp & 3Hp SS304
Cooling trolley Based on operation NA 55304
Spilt Nut blanCher Based on operation 1 Hp & 2Hp SS304
Peanut Granulator Based on operation 1 Hp SS304
Ribbon Blender 300Kg. 4Hp SS304
Cross Core Based on operation 10Hp SS316/SS304
High shear mixer Based on operation 7Hp SS316/SS304
Peanut butter pump Based on operation 2Hp SS316/SS304
PneumatiC butter filler 4 Jars at a time Based on operation 10Hp SS316/SS304

The complete process line resulted from sequentially integration of:

Roaster Homogenizer
Split nut Blancher Granulator
Colour Sorter Heat Exchanger
Ribbon Blender Pneumatic jar filling
Cross—Core Weighting machine
Stirrer tank Packaging