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Analysing the present day process requirements and incorporating various techniques we have designed a machine that accomplishes multiple tasks ranging from mixing and agitating to homogenising and emulsifying. This multifaceted food-processing machine compromises of HIGH and LOW shearing tool that can provide you product of any viscosity. Pressure and temperature control under vacuum enhances the product quality.

Individual 3-phase speed controlled motors for homogenising and agitation delivers better performance. Direct mounted motors reduce power losses, resulting in better efficiency of the machine. PLC based automatic control ensures reliability and accuracy. The touch screen interface provides pre-set recipes. Supply the multi-maker with the raw materials, select one of the pre-set recipe and the rest will be taken care by the MultiMaker.

Main Features Optional
Pneumatic controlled top lid.
Limit switch interlocking on the lid.
CIP valves, connection for vacuum pump, pressure sensor, sight glass mounted on the lid.
Water jacket for heating and direct cooling.
Operation under vacuum.
Safety pressure valve.
Bottom discharge valve.
Anchor agitator.
FDA approved food safe scrappers.
VFD controlled agitator speed.
High speed homogenizer.
Air compressor for pneumatic system.
Electrical control with Digital display.
Safety: Emergency actuator, hooter, Limit switch.
SS316L built wetted parts, rest SS304.
Completely automated control with touch screen interface.
Pre-set recipes option for food processing industry.
Proximity Sensors.
Different set of homogenizing tool based on requirement.
Capacity/Number of alternate hoppers.
Steam injection/ Sterilization equipment.
Type MM 50 MM 100 MM 250 MM 500 MM 750
Working Capacity (kg/batch) 50 100 250 500 750
Tank Capacity (L) 60 120 300 600 900
Feed Hopper (L) 10 20 50 50 75
Homogenizer (HP) 5 10 20 30 40
Agitator (HP) 2 3 4 5 7.5